Beyond the Bib: Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook

by nithya on December 22, 2011

Beyond the Bib brings you a look into the parents beyond the bib – you know, the one standing a few feet from the highchair ducking to avoid flying spaghetti from landing in their hair. 

This week’s Beyond the Bib features Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook, mom to two kids, ages 5 and 3, in San Francisco, California!

The first “real” food I fed my child was: Japanese rice porridge with lean ground pork

Favorite snacks I always keep handy are: Cheerios and fruity flavored puffs

My go to, weeknight family meal dish is: All kinds of pasta dish and Japanese Donburi (rice bowl) dish

Baby/Kids cookbooks/blogs that you read: Food For Tots

Favorite cooking gadget or tool: Japanese vegetable cutter which you can make flower petals etc.

Foods you wish your kid(s) would eat more of: leafy vegetable salad 

Thanks Namiko! If you would like to be featured on Beyond the Bib, drop us an email at

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